Environment & Packaging Activities

Breaking The Packaging
The Book

Written in a simple way in order for readers to understand and see packaging as one of the key priorities for our planet.

Breaking The Packaging: The Awareness
The Articles

The Awareness will be a set of articles addressing crucial packaging segments in our society.

Environment & Packaging boardgames
For Families
Table Board Game

Family fun & education with the eco-board game.

Environment & Packaging The Series
Breaking The Packaging
Documentary Series

Based on book topics we will film 24 – 1 hour episodes documentary which will cover basic popular knowledge:

Environment & Packagign puppetry
For Kids
Puppets Series

Educational puppet-show-series in multi languages.

ENP Environment & Packaging Challenges
Challenge The Industry

Post your concerns to Brands, Retailers, Packaging Industry, Waste Management Services and Environmental Experts.

Be Active and Contribute to Applicable Sustainability System.

Join ENP community.

With your user account, you will be able to post environment and packaging challenges, participate in token rewarding system, educate yourself and much, much more.


Environmnt & Packaging e-learning
E-Learning Platform

Environmental & Packaging Open Classroom Platform

Environment & Packaging Business
For Businesses

Roadshows and conferences on problem-solving.