About Environment & Packaging

ENP Platform deals with packaging and environmental problems in the new and unique way. We are gathering all of the packaging issues and knowledge under one roof. In the first step, we will issue educational materials which will be segmented for different applications; book, documentaries, interviews and packaging presentations will be used as our knowledge base.

Interactive platform will serve as an access point to knowledge, but more importantly, it will serve as a consumer market issues entry point. Every user will be able to challenge any packaging source point at every level; from brand to retailer to WM. Through a simple interface, users will be able to post images and simple data.

What is Environment & Packaging?

Environment & Packaging (ENP) is public packaging recognition platform.

What does Environment & Packaging do?

Environment & Packaging educates on the grounds of actual real-life questions. With too many assumptions in the market, we are giving a chance to the general public to ask their favorite brands, retailers, packaging industry and waste management facilities any question they might have about packaging. We do realize that it sometimes hard to post a correct question and address it to the correct supply chain party, we have prepared a set of materials where everyone can educate themselves on packaging topics. Our founder, Mitja Brgant, wrote the book Breaking The Packaging, and it is the cornerstone of our operations.

What is the goal of Environment & Packaging?

Packaging is an important part of our lives and it has been so for thousands of years. With the rapid development of our civilization, we have come to a point where it is inevitable to use more and more packaging. Our key goal is that all packaging in the supply stream becomes health safe and with as low environmental impact as possible. We have set ourselves on a journey where our mission is for mankind to start to control packaging in all aspects of its applications.

What are the main activities of Environment & Packaging?

1. Challenge

2. Educate

3. Inform

4. Evaluate

5. Suggest

What are the current problems in packaging related environmental topics?

The main problems in packaging are the lack of real information about packaging. There are far too many assumptions about packaging around us and these assumptions lead to wrong decisions on how to handle these concerns.

Which environmental problem could correct approach to packaging overcome?

Correct packaging approach could handle many aspects of our environmental concerns. With correct packaging we could decrease losses of food within the supply chain, losses of products, the right approach to waste management and recycling, protect our waters and even start reversing the current pollution effects.

Who should be obliged to tackle the environmental packaging related issues?

We are all obliged to start thinking about packaging from a different perspective. All of us should engage in packaging topics and contribute to what we can in order to make our environment safer and more sustainable. Packaging, as far fetched this might be heard, is one of the solutions for a more sustainable life.

Who is Environment & Packaging addressing?

ENP is addressing everyone. The main operational segments of ENP in correlation to market segments is based on supply chain participants structure:

1. Packaging industry

a) Raw packaging materials providers

b) Packaging converters

c) Packaging developers

d) Packaging market operators

2. Manufacturers

a) by any size & industry

b) component manufacturers

c) product manufacturers

d) brands

3. Sales & Retail chain

a) wholesalers

b) retailers

c) logistic providers

d) marketing agencies

4. Waste management

a) waste management facilities

b) waste recovery providers

c) recycling facilities

5. Environmental activists

6. Legislators

7. Public

8. Media

Consumer-based lifestyle pushed Earth’s resources over the edge of sustainability. Our progress is leaving a large dent in our Planet’s eco-system. We may live in an illusion of prosperous life, but effects of our actions are being seen everywhere around us. Oceans are being suffocated, water supply is becoming a tradeable luxury, animal species are losing their habitats.

One of key problematic not being addressed as it should be is packaging usage. Packaging is one of the publicly most underrated topics. When people are being asked about what packaging is, 80% shoots out “Box.

There is far more to packaging. The importance of it is as crucial for mankind’s existence as it has been for all of mankind’s history, and it just might be that one of the key solutions for widely used term sustainable should start with packaging knowledge.

The key problem we have with regards to packaging is that we as consumers have zero to none influence on packaging used and how it is managed. Initial reason is that we have no real packaging knowledge and that is why we cannot address and challenge Brands, Retailers, Waste Management providers with direct questions. ENP is changing that for good. We are revolutionizing the way packaging is addressed and we are challenging large systems in our society to address it correctly and clearly.

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